Sunday, August 29, 2010

On the straight and narrow dears

Leopard Print. Always gets the men excited. Ice skating boots, i love these. i took the blades off. I've written about them before. They were my mom's and they have character. The black high waisted skirt is made out of wool, its actually a jersey thing that im wearing as a skirt. Then a light blue and white striped top from ;NO! DON'T GO! its my mom's again.

Brogues anyone. There's nothing better than a good clean, reliable pair of brogues. according to me. you can pretty much wear them with ANYTHING! anything i tell you. This shirt, its extremely shiny and extremely shoulder padded. My parents love it. i think it reminds them of their youth.(?) i dunno. i SERIOUSLY ENJOY THIS SKIRT. its like an 80s revival but better. more REVIVED.

It really irritates me that these pictures get so blurry when they're uploaded. Floral print, once again. With this look i like that the floral print isn;t too girly and romantic, its darker and more more. It's worn with a tuxedo-type long sleeved t-shirt. Grey socks (courtesy of my darling dad) and silver sandals which I've had for years now but haven't been fit to wear. they weren't 'in'.

My dressing seems to be heading down the straight and narrow. i mean, look at me. It's like i should be uttering the words ' un peu d'air sur terre' and levitating in a Lacoste advert. but oh well it makes me look legit, wouldn't you say so? What with the navy and white stripes; soft pencil skirt and silver and black brogues.

These Pants- I love 'em. WE LOVIN', THAT'S WHY WE MAKE THE CIRCLE BEEGA BEEGA. that's for nicole de castro just cause she's so nice and pretty and we make the circle beega beega. I'm not one for the new floral and romance look that Chanel embodies. For me my style is like a spring of fresh crisp water, it comes out of me the way it is no matter how much i try to dress accordingly or follow the fashions, i can't. My style is normally very lady gaga. but when i found these pants and this bra top i was like, 'no way'. im being so 'romantic'. Oh, and the shoes. so very girly. I'm evolving. my mom will be proud:) 

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