Saturday, June 5, 2010


Desmond and the Tutus, amazing. I've been taking photos with this Pentax of my mom's so i have to wait until the film is finished which is quite exciting. i have no idea what the photos will look like or what i took a photo of or whether they're in focus. IT'S LIKE A SURPRISE PARTY! i love it, im actually so excited, i took photos of pretty people at Floogate last night, which was quite enjoyable, im getting my very own sewing machine, which i think is quite laka. i dont understand why im not at Botanical Gardens taking photos right now. Condemnation! i would like to go on a nice road trip, how much is it to develop photos these days? it's like a hundred rand. well, i think that's just ridiculous ladies and gentlemens. absolutely ridic! i want to play in the garden now, ok goodbye. oh this is funny, i saw a baby pink FUR jersey thing yesterday, i almost vomited on the shop!

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